About Us

Tutti Frutti isnโ€™t just a frozen yogurt, we are a culture built on welcoming everyone to be themselves and do life their own way.

We believe in the uniqueness of individuals and that just like our fro-yo cups, everyone is a little different. And thatโ€™s a good thing.

We were founded on providing high quality frozen yogurt that offers a healthier dessert or snack alternative. Our self-serve concept gives the control back to you by encouraging you to choose your own flavours, toppings and how much or little you need.

Our 97% fat free frozen yogurt contains all the good stuff like calcium and pro-biotics for a healthier you. Many of our flavours are also Gluten Free.

It seems our customers can’t get enough fro-yo because Tutti Frutti is growing rapidly!

We have stores in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia and are always looking for our next location. We hope to pop up in a shopping centre near you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions